Killer Green Bud


The story behind the KBG project is that it is music to represent marijuana being legal. We call this music a new American art for (HAZE) music.

Every era had its musical representation from the early American field holler from down South, to the Jazz era, and oh yes we can't forget how the Be-Bop era, which is not to be confused as the Beatnik era, turned it up in the 70's. It continued with the 80's, and on down to the Rock & Roll era of the fifties, the Soul, R&B, Folk and Festival era in the 60's. Then the heavy pop era and the Hip-Hop era joined hand-in-hand. The Great Northwest sound, Grunge, caught on in the 90's. Washington, and now the Smoker's Club PDX is attempting to take the best parts of all those great American art forms. So on that note, it's alright to smoke grass, as long as you puff, puff pass.